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Ijeoma Okeke

I had the privilege of working with Dr Solomon for my matrimonial case, and I couldn't be more grateful for his services. Not only did he provide me with expert legal advice, but he also helped me navigate an extremely difficult time in my life. His knowledge and expertise in the field were invaluable, and I am convinced that without his help, I would have lost everything. What I appreciated most about Dr Solomon was his ability to listen and understand my unique situation. He took the time to explain everything in a way that was easy for me to understand, and he always made me feel like I was his top priority. He was always available when I needed him, and he went above and beyond to ensure that my case was handled with the utmost care and attention. Thanks to Dr Solomon I was able to secure a favorable outcome for my case, and most importantly, I was able to protect my children. I would highly recommend Dr Solomon to anyone who needs legal advice or assistance with matrimonial matters. He is a true professional and an outstanding advocate for his clients.

Buffy Edwards

I spent 10 years going through custody access and support issues myself with a very powerful ex-husband. I spent almost $200,000 for . When looking for a family law, lawyer, for my niece who is in a very bad situation, domestically, it was scary, considering she was on legal aid. I did not know what to expect.. I took her to interview many lawyers and got a referral to Solomon with a good review. As of this date, we are still confident with his service. He is kind, respectful, and a caring man towards my nieces very traumatic situation.

Lisa Marsh-McLean

Working with Mr. Solomon has been amazing he listens to your concerns and gives you knowledge. I would recommend Mr. Solomon to anyone as he is very thorough with his clients and he is very truthful.

Kleber Rogerio

I can only speak on the experience I had with Mr Solomon and from day one has been very good. Very professional and most important regardless of his knowledge he listen to me. All questions and concerns.


Best legal services I ever had. I will not hesitate to recommend Solomon to anyone who might need his legal service.

Olawepo Susan

I reached out to have my documents notarized. The process was seamless, thorough and fast. Thank you again!

Chantel Smith

Solomon is good at what he does. He replies promptly and clears up anything I don’t understand/know. I would/ will recommend him to others

Diana Iso

Very professional, detailed and compassionate. He listened to my concerns, gave his opinions and advice me to my own benefit in accordance with the law. A very knowledgeable lawyer. I give him a 5.